Wool Shorties Small - Nappy Cover - Watermelon

Baby Soft Landings


Our hand-knit wool shorties are a great nappy cover for day or night.  Made from 100% wool - our favourite fibre for cloth nappy covers.  Wool is natural and breathable and when lanolised make the perfect waterproof nappy cover. 

Please check your baby's measurements to ensure the best fit.  Wool covers are measured without stretching so will fit a larger range - this is the base measurement.  Instructions for measuring can be found here.  Ensure you measure over the nappy, if you have any problems measuring or are unsure about sizing please contact us.

Rise - 39cm

Waist 32cm - 45cm

Wool covers have been gently washing in a wool wash but will require lanolising before use.

Please note these wool shorties are being sold as a "second" due to some knotting in the wool which I am not happy with.  It is barely noticable and does not in any way affect the function of the cover. 




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