SustainableBabyish Playwoollies with High Volume Wet Zone

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Sloomb Playwoolies - machine washable 100% merino wool leggings for 0-5T.

Introducing Playwoolies- the original, genuine Sloomb Basewoolies-style leggings.  Playwoolies give you the fit and style you have already experienced from Sloomb with the added benefit of being machine or hand-washable.

Play has no boundaries and you don't want to stop to change! Keep your little ones warm inside and out and ready to go! Use Playwoolies under regular clothing in cold weather or as warm leggings for lounge time. Playwoolies are perfect as cloth nappy covers when lanolized and are fully lined in the "High Volume Wet Zone." Sized generously, Sloomb Playwoolies are made to fit older kids through 5T. 

Content: 100% merino wool extra fine easy care, elasticized waistband.
Care: machine wash warm inside out (or hand wash), lanolize if using Playwoolies as a cloth nappy cover, lay flat to dry.
Responsibly machine knit in China, öko-tex certified wool yarns.

Patent Pending 2015

size approx inseam avg height  avg weight avg age
0-6 mo 23cm 45-66cm 2.5-7kg 0-6 months
6-18 mo 27cm 66-86cm 7-11kg 6-18 months
18-24mo 33cm 86-96 11-13.5kg 18 months - 2.5 years
3T-4T 40cm 96-112cm 13.5-18kg 2.5-4 years
4T-5T 49cm 101-113cm 18-22kg 4-5.5 years


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