Sloomb - Solid Lanolin

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100% pure USP pharmaceutical grade solid lanolin with no additives or preservatives - the best way to lanolise your woolies. This is the smooth and thick lanolin you love to lanolise with. Use with scented wool wash to make your woolies smell joyous and less sheepy.  Sloomb are serious about wool and would only offer you the best.

Wool covers only need to be washed every couple of weeks and aired between wears.  Your wool covers will need to be lanolised every 4-6 weeks to retain their water resistance.  Lanolise by dissolving a teaspoon of lanolin in hot water, add cold water until luke-warm before adding your cover.  Soak for 20 minutes and dry as normal with out rinsing.

Use a Lanolin Emulsifying Cube to wash your woollies and make lanolising easier.

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