Loveybums Wool Interlock Nappy Covers


$40.00 $54.00

Loveybums Wool Interlock covers are made with 2 layers of  undyed/untreated wool interlock which is soft and stretchy.  These covers make a great night time cover and will fit a slightly larger size range due to the stretchiness of the fabric.  Each cover is edged with soft woolly nylon with co-ordinating coloured snaps.

One of the stand out features of Loveybum covers are the snap fastenings.  They have 3 snaps fastenings on each wing, (2 on newborn/small) to keep the sides from drooping off baby's hips, often referred to as "wing droop". 

Size Range:

Newborn/Small - birth to 5.5kg

Medium - 4kg to 10kg

Large - 8kg to 13.5kg

X-Large - 12.5kg to 18kg+

Loveybums wool covers come in 4 fabric types:

Jersey - A trim light weight cover which is excellent for daytime use or for light wetters night use.

Crepe - A medium weight cover suitable for day or night use. Wool crepe is more textured and has less stretch than jersey.

Interlock - Loveybums heaviest weight cover, great for night time or day use by heavy wetters.

O-Wool Jersey (Organic) - A little heavier than the regular jersey, more of a medium weight wool. It is certified organic wool.

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