Happy Tushies Wonderbag

Happy Tushies

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Happy Tushies Wonderbags are designed with an amazing new wickless technology. The waterproof inner layer of PUL is not sewn to the outer fabric at all. This means the two fabrics are not sewn together and wetness will not "wick" from the inner waterproof fabric to the outer cotton fabric.

Wonderbags are the deluxe wetbag! Comprised of two completely separate compartments with a zip at each end. Clean nappies and wipes can be put in one side and the used ones can go in the other. The two compartments snap together at the top to easily fit in your nappy bag.

Mini Wonderbags are ideal for carrying 1 clean nappy in one side and some moistened wipes in the other side. After the nappy change each side can be used for the used nappy and wipes. Each compartment measures approx 20 x 22.5cm and will contain one of most types of nappy and cover in each compartment.

Regular Wonderbags measure approx 29 x 30cm and will contain about 4 AIO nappies in a compartment.

Large Wonderbags measure approx 32.5 x 34cm and will contain about 6 AIO nappies in a compartment.

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