Baby Beehinds Petite All-in-Two Nappies

Baby Beehinds

$10.00 $28.00

If TRIM is your priority, then look no further.
These nappies are so tiny, they fit as slim-line as a disposable!
No cover is needed over the top of these nappies, and the absorbent soaker pad can be removed and replaced with a new pad at nappy change time.
This means that you can get more use out of each individual nappy and save money!
These nappies are fast drying- the soaker pad that snaps out has two long 'tails' that unfold for faster drying time.


The nappy outer is made from luxurious minkee, and lined with soft microfleece. Each Petite nappy soaker pad is also lined with the stay-dry microfleece, which draws moisture away from baby's skin and locks it inside the absorbent bamboo material of the soaker pad.
The soaker pad itself has an additional 2 layers of bamboo fleece - with the 'tails' comprising of 2 layers of bamboo fleece.
Once folded into position in the nappy's 'wetzone', this tiny little nappy provides a surprising 12 layers of absorbent bamboo right where it is needed.


Baby BeeHinds Petite All-In-IIs fasten at the side- using our great quality resin snaps.
Side snapping nappies are great as they allow babies who have chubby or lean thighs alike to get a perfect fit.
The waist and leg settings can be fastened independently, so if baby has a little waist but big thighs- that's okay- this nappy can still provide a beautiful fit!


Features and useful info:

  • All-In-Two design (no cover required)
  • Soaker pad snaps out for
    better cleaning, fast drying time and also allows you the opportunity to simply change the soaker pad (rather than the whole nappy) if baby has only peed.
  • Sized small, medium and large to allow best fit.
  • Minkee outer (soft, velvety fabric),
    micro-fleece inner (soft, and 'stay-dry' to draw wetness away from baby's skin) with soaker pad made from bamboo fleece (60% bamboo, 30% organic cotton, 10% polyester) topped with microfleece.
  • Resin snap closure- side snaps allow independent fastening at waist and thigh


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