Baby Beehinds One-Size Bamboo Cloth Nappy

Baby Beehinds

$20.00 $26.00

The Baby Beehinds Bamboo One-Size Cloth Nappy is made of Bamboo/ Organic Cotton Fleece with a small amount of polyester. The Bamboo Fleece has been specially milled for Baby Beehinds and is beautifully soft and very absorbent.

There is no internal soaker sewn into these nappies, they are designed this way for quicker drying. The unique patented design has an extra long snap-in folding insert which enables you to customise the absorbency where it is needed most. The nappy also comes with a matching snap in "mini insert" which adds extra absorbency for an older baby or toddler.

Depending on how the insert is folded there is a maximum of 14 layers of Bamboo Fleece in the wet zone making these nappies great for everyday use or for heavy wetters and for those times when the nappy will be on for longer than usual, such as overnight. They are elasticised at the back and legs and fasten with snap closures.

These wonderfully trim nappies are professionally made and fully customisable to fit most babies from Birth to Toddler (approx 4kg to 16kg). When you purchase a Baby Beehinds nappy you will also receive instructions on how to adjust the nappy to different sizes and a care instruction sheet for making nappy care simple!

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