How to measure for cloth nappies

How to Measure for Cloth Nappies

How to Measure your Baby for Nappies and Nappy Covers

How to Measure the Rise - The rise measurement is the distance from the front waist through the crotch to the back waistline. To measure the rise for a cover you should measure your baby or toddler over a nappy from the top of the nappy through the crotch to the back of the nappy. To measure for a nappy measure your baby, without a nappy, from just below the belly button, or where the nappy would usually sit, through to the back waistline. You can use this to measure for fitted nappies, all-in-ones or pocket nappies.

How to Measure Waist - Waist measurements are measured at the natural waistline. When a nappy description gives an Xcm to Xcm measurement, the smallest measurement is with the nappy fastened on the smallest setting and the elastic relaxed. The largest measurement is with the nappy fastened on the largest setting and the elastic lightly stretched.

How to Measure Legs - Measure diagonally from where the nappy or cover will sit on the outer thigh, through the inner thigh and back up. The settings apply as per waist measurements, smallest is with nappy or cover fastened on the smallest setting and largest on the largest setting.

When choosing a nappy or cover start with the weight range and then check that your babys measurements fall into the same range. You are looking for leg and waist measurements to fall in about the same place in the range or they might be too tight or too loose around the legs, depending on where they fall.

If you are still confused about measuring your baby or toddler please feel free to contact us. We will happily measure any of our nappies to ensure you get the best fit for your baby.