About us


Below you will find the story of how our family started using modern cloth nappies.  We first started out in 2005 and as our children have grown so our circumstances have changed.  We are still 100% committed to promoting cloth nappies and ensuring our customers have the best experience when they visit Baby Soft Landings.

Our business was perfect for me to be able to stay at home with our kids before they started school.  Now I have returned to the workforce we no longer require an income from our business.  We had the option of selling up however we also have a heart to help families and children in developing countries.  Therefore we have decided to donate 100% of our profits to projects in developing countries.  We look forward to sharing with you more information on these projects as time goes on.


My husband and I began our cloth journey in 2005 when we had 2 children in nappies which magnified for us the huge amount of waste disposable nappies generate. We also suffered the all too common occurrence of leaking disposables. It was suggested I should use a cloth nappy cover over the disposables to stop the leaking. I searched high and low in our local baby shops for some of these elusive cloth nappy covers. My search led me to the internet and a whole new world of cloth nappies was opened up to me.

So I took the plunge and purchased some trial packs from various places. I discovered the internet can produce an interesting shopping experience and some of the products did not meet our needs or were not quite up to scratch in quality. And so Baby Soft Landings was born.

Baby Soft Landings stock some of the most popular cloth nappies available. They are popular because of their quality and performance. All the products in my store have been tested and used by me or some of my very willing friends. I will not sell you anything that I would not use myself.

My aim is for you to successfully cloth nappy your baby and enjoy the experience! I am available to assist and encourage you at any stage of your cloth nappy journey. I want to show you how cloth nappies can work for you. I provide group and individual cloth nappy demonstrations and workshops where you can touch and feel and be given honest answers to your questions.