All-in-One Nappies

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All-in-One nappies are the closest you can get to a disposable nappy.  A true all-in-one has all the layers sewn together.  On the outside is a waterproof layer, usually PUL but may also be fleece or wool.  The inner layers are made up of absorbent fabric and are often sewn in a way to make them quick drying. Some All-in-Ones will also have a fleece or suedecloth lining sewn in. 

All-in-Two nappies are the invention of mothers who want the convenience of putting a nappy on in one step combined with easy to clean and quick to dry. All-in-Two nappies require the absorbent layers to be snapped into the outer waterproof layer. To try and ease confusion we often refer to All-in-Two nappies as All-in-Ones (AIO).  Please refer to descriptions to see if nappies require absorbent layers to be snapped in.