Wool Covers - my favourite cloth nappy cover

It has been quite awhile since I have had any spare time to pull out the knitting needles.  This weekend however I decided it was time. 

Every now and then I go through my large stash of wool and by the time I pull it all out, touch and feel the woolly goodness, my time is gone and I have to pack up.  It is always a little more organised afterwards though, so I don't feel like my time is entirely wasted.  

Yesterday when I started to look through the wool I found I had put a couple of unfinished items on top. (Wasn't that organised of me!) The good news is I finally finished them off and even started something new. 

This is just a quick preview as the light is not good for photos now and I need to give them a wash and measure up. 

We have a small pair of wool shorties in a watermelon colourway:

Wool shorties for cloth nappies

And a pair of Large Wool Longies in the beautiful Enchanted Eggplant.

Wool Longies for cloth nappies

I'll get some better pictures tomorrow and they will be up for sale later in the week.

Hope you have also had a productive weekend.

Karen :)