Travelling with Cloth Nappies

When I first started out using cloth nappies I was pretty gung ho.  To be honest not much has changed.  I was determined to never use a disposable nappy again.  So when we set off on a trip to visit family with the two kids I was determined to travel with cloth nappies.  I learned some lessons along the way and now you get to learn from my mistakes and make travelling with cloth nappies an enjoyable experience and just as easy as if you were at home.

Firstly, you do need to consider if you have space to take your cloth nappies with you and if you will have access to laundry facilities at your destination.  Even I am not gung ho enough to wash cloth nappies by hand!

We were staying with family so I checked in if it was ok to use their washing machine to wash our nappies and also asked if they had a nappy bucket I could use to put the dirty nappies in.  I was assured all was ok and yes they had a bucket.  Little did I know that the bucket was just a normal household bucket with no lid.  We were in Queensland and the laundry was in the garage where the temperature was about 35 degrees.  Needless to say I had my concerns about how this was going to work out.

The good news is you can actually leave the lid off the nappy bucket and put it in a stinking hot garage and it does not smell.  I don’t know the science of how this works but it does.  Note that I was drypailing and I would not suggest doing this with water in the bucket.  I also recommend taking some of your usual washing detergent to ensure problem free washing.

Really all I needed to be doing to make this so much easier was to have a cloth nappy wetbag.  Wetbags come in all different sizes and really make travelling with cloth so easy.  Leslie’s Boutique Hanging Wetbags are a great option for longer trips or if you need a day trip wetbag, Leslie’s Boutique Grab n Go wetbags are my go to with a section for clean nappies and a separate section for the dirty ones.

I travelled with a mix of all in ones and some fitted nappies and covers with some extra boosters for flexibility.  I would always suggest sticking to your usual cloth nappy system where possible, you don’t want to be dealing with leaking nappies or to discover something doesn’t work for you while you are travelling.

It really is quite simple to travel with cloth nappies - my final tip is if you are flying, is to take more than you expect to use in your carry on luggage.  You don't want to be caught short!

If you have any other questions about travelling with cloth nappies let me know.