Choosing which cloth nappy to use for Night nappies

Once you have made the switch from disposable nappies to cloth nappies or if your baby is reaching the stage where they are sleeping for longer, then it is time to start thinking about night nappies

Choosing cloth nappies to use at night can seem like a daunting task.  For some it is as simple as adding some extra boosters and absorbency to their current cloth nappies.  During the day you can change your baby’s nappy as required, at night you want the nappies to absorb everything for up to 12-13 hours.

Every baby and situation is different so I have put together a few things I think are important to consider when you are choosing your night nappies.

  1. A good cloth nappy cover

The key to successful cloth nappying for day or night is to ensure you have a good fitting and effective cloth nappy cover.  My personal preference is for a wool nappy cover.  

Wool is an amazing natural fibre, it has insulating and absorbing properties that make it the perfect for over cloth nappies.  This insulation means that wool can absorb up to 30% of its own weight before feeling damp.  As moisture is absorbed, heat is generated and keeps baby feeling warm rather than cold and clammy from a cloth nappy.   

Wool is a little bit more work – see my washing instructions for wool covers – but the benefits far outweigh the extra work.  Often a wool nappy cover with a fitted nappy are the only thing that will work at night time.  We love using wool longies in winter or wool shorties in summer.  No need for pyjama pants over the top!  Wool is a natural breathing fibre so is better for preventing nappy rash.

The other great thing is they do not need to be washed after every use.  You will need to wash if they are soiled or when they start to get a bit smelly.

I love wool nappy covers and will do a full write up of the pros and cons of wool in a later post.

Our favourite wool covers for night nappies are Sloomb Sustainablebabyish Knit Wool Covers, Sloomb Sustainablebabyish Interlock Covers or Loveybums Interlock Wool Covers.  Or check out our range of handmade knit wool soakers, wool longies and wool shorties.

  1. An absorbent fitted cloth nappy

The cloth nappy you choose to use as a night nappy is going to depend on how heavy a wetter your baby or toddler is.  Many people are able to boost their existing day time nappies. 

To boost a pocket nappy it is important to consider how you layer your absorbent layers.  Microfibre absorbs like a sponge, so if you press on a wet microfiber insert the moisture will come back out.  In cloth nappy terms this is called a compression leak.  To avoid these make sure you use a bamboo booster or hemp booster between the microfiber and the outer layer of PUL in the pocket nappy.  Bamboo, cotton and hemp will absorb moisture but will only release when it is wrung out.

If you are not using fitted nappies during the day there are some good night time cloth nappy options available.  The Sloomb Sustainablebabyish Overnight Bamboo Fleece Fitted Nappy is a great trim option, they include a 3 layer bamboo booster which you can fold to suit your requirements.  They are also available in some pretty cute print nappies

For the heaviest of wetters I would recommend Baby Beehinds Night Nappy.   There are 23 layers of bamboo fleece in these night nappies so while they are super absorbent and not as trim through the crotch as Sloomb fitted nappies.  Just remember, a bulky nappy doesn’t bother your baby, mostly it is just friends and family who will comment on a bulky cloth nappy butt.

If you are having any troubles making the switch to cloth nappies at night please get in touch, I am happy to help work through your issues.